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DescriptionAfter saving up for what seemed like an eternity, I am finally a proud owner of a new Apple Watch. I could not be happier to have my music, wallet, messages, emails, and health information sitting just a glance away on my wrist.

I received my Apple Watch in the mail and started wearing it immediately but soon realized I had a problem. The watch came with a charging cable but I had nowhere to safely lay it while charging. I could have left it laying on my desk but I knew it would inevitably get knocked off and scratch or even worse break. This was an expensive purchase so I was definitely not going to just leave it lying around while it charged.

I went to Apple's website but they didn't have any charging stands that I liked so I went with my go to for things like this – My budget was tight after splurging on this purchase but I wanted to get something immediately so Amazon's awesome prices and two-day shipping was ideal. Luckily, I found this new stand for my Apple Watch. To research more, consider having a glance at: Get yours now at Watch stand/. The dual-purpose design is awesome because it can fit any watch and iPhone model perfectly. It also hides any excess charging cable in the grooved tower that extends and retracts from the base. If you have the Apple Watch then you know how long the cable is, which makes this a great feature.

Another reason I bought this stand is because it comes with a 1-year warranty. Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop but as with shopping at any store, you have to be careful about the products you choose. The 1-year backing just gave me added comfort that I was getting a high quality product. Plus it looks great on my dresser.

If you bought an Apple Watch or you are thinking about getting one, then I would definitely invest in one of these docks. Personally, I just couldn't justify putting out a bunch of my money for a new watch only to have it sitting around on my desk. Invest in a charging stand and you won't have to worry about your watch dropping or scuffing. To check it out for yourself just click the link below..
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