Old Skool Guitar Cable with Protective Plug Sleeves

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DescriptionThis is a cool looking cable and I find the length to be just perfect for my use. In the event you need to identify extra info on Learn more about this at http://www.amazon.com/Instrument-Rig-Ninja-Exterior-Protective/dp/B0105GSF6E/guitar cable/, we recommend heaps of online libraries you should think about pursuing. The cable is clearly of optimal construction, especially the rubber plug sleeves that give much needed protection to the plugs where they are most vulnerable. The cable has outlasted cables I have used before, even those with a higher price tag.

This cable manages to produce much less noise from the pickups than when I make use of other cables. Another point I've discovered is that this cable seems to wind and unwind with less effort. Other cables tend to maintain the wind in them when you unpack them. Not this cable. I think it is something regarding the cable's fabric outer covering which resists kinking and twisting.

I have not had an issue using this cable and I don't expect any down the road. A great cable and I'll be buying a few more to replace my other cables..
Web sitehttp://www.amazon.com/Instrument-Rig-Ninja-Exterior-Protective/dp/B0105GSF6E
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