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Message 238 - Posted 14 Feb 2011 18:38:18 UTC

    B.C. BOINC is an ever-growing team dedicated to BOINC enthusiasts from or living in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Whether you're a current resident, a former resident, or just want to visit, you are welcome to join us.

    The dedication of B.C. BOINC team members has put our team in the top 1,000 and top 1% of all teams in the world. B.C. BOINC is in the top 25 teams in Canada, and is the second overall provincial team.

    Join the team on this project, or visit our Join Team Page and join on multiple BOINC projects at once!

    Our website and forum is open to everyone, including all BOINC Crunchers at large (but with some added perks for team members!).

    We hope to welcome you to our team in the near future! Join B.C. BOINC

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    Message 245 - Posted 23 Feb 2011 10:41:06 UTC

      BOINC United is a unique, international TEAM open to all that are interested.

      Be part of something special!

      Are you ready to make a difference ?

      Combining our knowledge, having inspirational talks with our Members and helping out the scientific community by participating in various BOINC Projects.

      Please join us

      Make sure to visit us at our BOINC UNITED Homepage and our BOINC UNITED Forum!


      Profile Dan Sargent
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      Message 284 - Posted 11 Apr 2011 23:44:32 UTC

        Profile Euphoriabuzz
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        Message 345 - Posted 11 Jul 2011 4:13:33 UTC

          Come and join Boinc UK, a great bunch of people who happen to also enjoy crunching for Boinc. We participate in many projects and have a new and very informative user friendly Forum with Stats, Team and Individual milestones, Information and Help, Tech and Science chat and many other topics we find of interest or just plain fun Crunchers from all countries are most welcome

          Profile Dan T. Morris
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          Message 356 - Posted 22 Aug 2011 4:51:13 UTC

            Making The Boinc Community A Better Place

            Profile SEARCHER
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            Message 454 - Posted 9 Jan 2012 10:49:14 UTC

              HELLO fellow Crunchers !!!

              Join by the Charity Team : Click here to Join

              Visit the Charity Team Forum :

              Greatings to all SEARCHER

              Member of Charity Team

              Profile Crazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun]
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              Message 455 - Posted 10 Jan 2012 14:59:55 UTC

                Come check us out!


                Profile UBT - Rick Horn
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                Message 462 - Posted 12 Jan 2012 12:16:07 UTC

                  #1 team in the UK

                  We are a friendly team with a full stats service.

                  Come join us.


                  Profile Yank
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                  Message 548 - Posted 10 Nov 2012 14:44:33 UTC

                    New Navy team's web site is at

                    Navy Team's web site is at

                    Join the 'US Navy' PrimaBoinca team.

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                    Message 568 - Posted 27 Feb 2013 11:02:40 UTC

                      I don't have a catchy line or images to show off, but we're always looking for new members at Crunching@EVGA....


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                      Message 609 - Posted 3 Dec 2013 17:15:36 UTC

                        The Scottish Boinc Team

                        Welcome to The Scottish Boinc Team ( established in 1999 as Scotland's Seti ), one of the oldest and we'd like to think, best Boinc teams around. After joining the team here, head over to our forum Join us.

                        We crunch for all Boinc projects and are always adding new ones as they come along. Our aim is to use our spare computing power to advance human knowledge while enjoying some friendly competition amongst ourselves and with other teams. So if you're Scottish by birth, ancestry, residence, emotional attachment or even if you've no link whatsoever with Scotland but just fancy being part of a lively friendly team, please come join us, everyone is welcome.

               Take part in shaping your team, chat, get help and advice or help others. Participate in Team challenges and competitions both with ourselves and other rival teams. It's a very informative, user and newbie friendly, forum with stats, team and individual milestones, information and lots of help. Come join us, you will be assured of a warm welcome and it's easy to do.

                        Come see our website and forum.
                        Reading is free without registration.
                        Team members can Register and will be able to immediately post and be granted access to additional private team areas.

                        Profile Dan T. Morris
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                        Message 1711 - Posted 26 Oct 2014 4:27:08 UTC

                          >Come join us and make a Difference<

                          Profile Steve Hawker*
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                          Message 1723 - Posted 12 Jun 2015 1:25:21 UTC

                            Hello Astra*s,

                            After a short break the team forum is once again alive and kicking. Come join the fun at:


                            Please note this is not the old address.

                            New members always welcome to the party

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